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Crocodile hunter Steve Irwin’s son rescues huge snake from road with bare hands

'Crocodile hunter' Steve Irwin's son Robert has shared an incredible video of his latest daring animal rescue.

The 18-year-old conservationist, who is carrying on the Irwin legacy spotted a large snake in the middle of the road inside his family’s zoo and bravely got out of his car and moved him to safety using his bare hands.

In the video, which had gained more than 2.6million likes on TikTok, he casually holds up the slithering serpent, saying: "Have a look at this big fella. He’s in a very, very bad position.

“Don’t you bite me on the face He’s thinking about it,” he added jokingly.

In a follow-up video, filmed by his mum, Terri, he explained his plan to return to snake to safety.

He added: "Got a good spot out here to release our little mate buyer possible life, plenty of Bushland. And it's a much more natural spot for him to be. We'll take him out of the bag and get him back out there."

Irwin stopped to check that his mum was filming correctly before adding: "I think he's slightly bummed out that he can't eat any of birds, but other than that, he's pretty happy."

His 2.8million TikTok followers were fascinated by his bravery and praised him for being so much like his father, who died from a stingray injury to the heart while filming an underwater documentary when Robert was two years old.

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One user wrote: "I grew up watching your dad now my kids grow up watching you."

Another added: "I’d love to see you have your own show just like your dad, this took me back to my childhood and brought me joy."

A third wrote: "I’m having flashbacks to watching Steve when I was a kid and teen. I love it."

A fourth said: "God it’s like watching your dad all over again."

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