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Horror as ‘corpse stench’ covers bombarded city – Russians ‘not taking bodies’

Ukraine MP shuts down calls for concession to Russia

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The city has been the target of an intensive Russian bombing campaign, and is one of the few remaining areas under Ukrainian control in Luhansk. Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has said that “some 90 percent of buildings are damaged” in the city, and more than “two-thirds of the city’s housing stock has been completely destroyed”.

A Ukrainian official had warned over the weekend that defending soldiers may need to abandon the city as they are increasingly “surrounded” by Russian forces.

Russia has previously said capturing the entirety of the Luhansk region is one of its main war goals.

But as the war escalates in the eastern city, Luhansk’s regional governor, Sergiy Gaiday, warned the “Russians are advancing into the middle of Severodonetsk”.

He described how Vladimir Putin’s forces were approaching the city from the northeastern and southeastern sides.

He added: “The fighting continues. The situation is very difficult.”

Mr Gaidy described how Russian forces start off an offensive with “three, four, five hours” of shelling before advancing.

He continued: “Those who are attacking are being killed, and then shelling starts again, and then another attack.

“And this would be happening until they are able to break through our positions somewhere.”

The result of the fighting is scores of casualties, with the summer in the region intensifying the smell of decay.

Mr Gaidy said: “The weather is quite hot right now.

“And all over Severodonetsk’s outskirts, we have this persistent corpse stench because they [Russians] are not taking the bodies.”

The Luhansk governor also warned that there was “no possibility” of restarting water and energy supplies to the city, which is experiencing similar horrific conditions to those reported in Mariupol.

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The besieged Black Sea city was declared under Russian control earlier this month, but reports from the city now suggest Russian forces have dumped the bodies of Ukrainian civilians in a supermarket after attempting to get Mariupol’s water supply back up and running.

The bodies of slain Ukrainians were unearthed during works to reconnect water supplies, an advisor to the local mayor claimed.

Photographs, which have remained largely unpublished due to their incredibly graphic nature, appear to show the decomposing bodies of civilians in the Shchyryi kum supermarket.

Petro Andryushchenko, who advises the mayor of the destroyed city, said that there were too many bodies being washed from their shallow graves that Russian forces could not re-inter them quickly enough.

He wrote on his Telegram channel: “The Russians are bringing the bodies of the dead here [in the supermarket], bodies which were washed out of graves and partially exhumed in an attempt to restore water supply.

He added: “They are just dumping them like garbage.”

He continued: “There is a catastrophic shortage of people to bury the corpses and of power for even makeshift mortuaries.

“To such an extent that a separate recruitment campaign for pathologists has been launched in Moscow. ”

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