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Newborn baby thrown in bin with umbilical cord still attached in heartbreaking video

Distressing footage: New born baby found dumped in a waste container in Iran

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Reports suggest that the baby was uncovered earlier this week by a refuse worker in the capital Tehran. In the footage, the baby can seen to be moving, but still has its umbilical cord attached.

Medical sources confirmed to Iran Front Page, a state-backed English-language publication, that the baby’s cord had not been removed when it was found.

They said the child, a boy, was cleaned and taken to a nearby hospital.

It is believed he is now being kept at Amir al Momenin Hospital, which sits within the Naziabad district where the baby was found.

He is said to be in a generally stable condition after a tough start in life that came within hours of birth.

Sources suggest the baby was found on Wednesday at 7.19pm local time, however Iran Front Page said the video had emerged the previous day, on Tuesday, and other reports suggest the incident occurred on Monday.

The origins of the video could not be immediately verified, however analysis of the video’s metadata suggested the footage was created around 7.35pm on Wednesday.

In the footage, a crowd watches on as a man pulls a clear bag wrapped around a black one out of the street bin, before gently placing it on the floor.

Inside, the baby is visible. The man carefully tears the bag around the baby, and the boy begins to move his limbs.

Reports suggest that a refuse worker noticed muffled breathing noises emerging from the plastic bag in the bin.

It is claimed that such harrowing occurrences are the result of poverty and harsh economic conditions in Iran, which push parents to make awful family decisions.

Earlier this month, the Iranian regime raised prices on basic foodstuffs, with some staples rising by as much as 300 percent – sparking panic-buying and dissent.

According to Unicef, the UN children’s agency, the socioeconomic crisis currently gripping the Middle Eastern nation has been caused by the coronavirus pandemic, but also “compounded by the sanctions on Iran”.

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These, it says, have “hit children and their families very hard”.

In a recent report on the country, the NGO said that Iran had a significant issue with the nutrition and health of its children.

Two in every three child deaths in the country under the age of five occur within the first month of life.

This is equivalent to a rate of 8.44 newborn deaths for every 1,000 births, Unicef states.

Children living in poor conditions require “timely and appropriate action and welfare support”.

Radio Farda, a US-backed Persian-language broadcaster, said in 2020 that there were many babies in Iran who are abandoned at birth due to poverty or because they were born outside of marriage.

Meanwhile, the nation’s laws effectively make abortions illegal apart from a few exceptions.

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