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Royal butler doesn’t know how to eat McDonald’s after ordering at drive-thru

The former butler to Prince Charles left his TikTok fans in hysterics after asking what he should do with a McDonald's meal his friend had purchased through a drive-thru.

Grant Harrold, who posts on the app as @TheRoyalButler, teaches etiquette to his followers and has amassed more than 1.2million likes through teaching correct mannerisms and offering commentary on royal updates.

However, one of his videos shocked his fans and put him at the centre of the joke as he seemed bewildered by a McDonald's meal as he didn't know how to eat it without the finery.

In the video, which received over 2,280 likes, the butler said: "Ladies and gentlemen, when somebody says, they're going to take you out for lunch and they turn up with this, well, what am I supposed to do with this?

"And where's the company and the glassware?"

TikTok users mocked the video as they simply couldn't believe that the butler didn't know how to eat food from a fast-food restaurant.

One user said: "And then he devoured the entire thing off camera like a champion."

Another wrote: "It’s good to see you out in the wild among the rest of us."

A third joked: "They will provide the finest plastic cutlery upon request. Also, you can ask for the most elegant napkins that are as brown as the meat."

A fourth quipped: "You’re burgered without the cutlery and glassware…"

However, others were able to offer the helpless bloke some advice, as one user said: "Wrap a napkin securely around the bottom of the burger to prevent fallout & then take dainty little bites. Remember one is not an anaconda."

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The news comes after a TikTok star who has been labelled the "reincarnation" of Princess Diana has wowed her fans in the statement black dress that became known as the "revenge dress".

Brit Rose Nora Anna went viral with the video where she is seen crying over audio from the Martin Bashir interview, in which the real Princess of Wales said: “There were three of us in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded."

The black and white clip then changes to a shot in vibrant colour as Rose struts in a replica of the revenge dress with a paparazzi effect replicating Diana's experience of being at the centre of media attention before she died in August 1997.

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