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Expat couple promise to leave Spain after hunters killed dog and police ‘did nothing’

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The retired couple from South Africa, who have lived in Almeria for over a decade, were walking their three-year-old Spanish Mastiff when a hunter fired a trio of shots at them during a walk in the nearby village Guainos Bajos. The devastated couple, Jennifer, 67, and Victor Gebhardt, 78, have vowed to leave Spain after the Guardia Civil refused to prove the shooting of their beloved dog called Sombrita.

The canine had been running around chasing rabbits during the evening stroll, with the Jennifer recalling: “It had been a lovely long walk in the mountains and we were nearly home when I heard the first shot, then the second, then finally the third which hit her.

“I was calling out making sure they knew who was there, but that didn’t stop them. It could have easily been me.

“I shouted at them to come out, but they vanished obviously knowing they had killed my dog.

“It was definitely not an accident, I’m sure, because they shot with a rifle that has a cope.”

Jennifer, a former teacher, was terrified following the shooting but went in search of the hunters to confront them over the killing of her beloved dog.

Devastated, Jennifer returned home unable to find the body of Sombrita, and returned the next morning when the sun had come out to find their pet.

Victor, a former safari ranger in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, and Victoria eventually managed to find the body of their dog.

Victoria said: “We spent the next day trying to find her. It took nearly all day and I eventually managed to find her in the afternoon.”

But Victoria was left shocked when she went to report the incident to her nearest Guardia Civil police station in Adra.

“They did absolutely nothing to help… in fact, they were really unsympathetic with me, they didn’t even ask for my name or address.

“This despite not being able to sleep for days and feeling terrible.

“We love Spain, but have now decided we want to go and live elsewhere.

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“We cannot live somewhere where animal rights are not protected.”

The local Guardia Civil in Adra insisted they could not ‘investigate further as she has not provided any names.’

Sadly, this is not an isolated case in the area, with Jillian Chipperfield, president of nearby Berja’s animal association, saying: “We have come across a lot of animals shot, especially cats killed for fun.

“Last year we found a dog shot on his nose for fun that broke his jaw and lost part of his tongue.

“We had another case of a woman who was walking with her dogs in a local park when the dog was shot”.

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