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Ex-US Army vet recounts chilling ‘hallway standoff’ encounter in Ukraine

An ex-US army vet has recounted a chilling hallway standoff he had with two men he believed were trying to kill him.

James Vasquez, 47, believed his life was in danger while wandering the halls of a building when he encountered two men who he thought "were trying to kill me".

The terrifying ordeal was tweeted about by the US army vet, who travelled to Ukraine back in March to support the country in their fight against invading Russian forces.

His months in the war-torn country have led him into numerous encounters on the frontlines including shootouts and now a run-in with what he believed were two men trying to kill him.

It turned out the two men were not trying to kill Vasquez, who tweeted out a photo together with the two men after the tense situation was resolved.

Vasquez tweeted: "I s*** you not I thought these boys were trying to kill me, turns out we all thought the same thing. I almost killed them and the other way around. We’re all in the same gang at last. Hallway standoff that was crazy.

"Seriously, I thought it was over but no way I was going out in a nice hallway. Every day is a new adventure. This one was weird."

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The "weird" experience for Vasquez came just hours before he sent a series of tweets hinting that his time in Ukraine may be up and that he must return back home.

Around 20 minutes after the close encounter with the two unnamed men, Vasquez tweeted: "I really need to get home. Every day feels like my last here.

"But every day also feels like I'm leaving my men as I get closer, leaving my friends, leaving my brothers, leaving my post, leaving my family."

Vasquez then compared himself to Forrest Gump, the eponymous character played by Tom Hanks, with Vasquez saying he understood what the fictional character meant when they said "I'm tired, think I'll go home now".

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