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Fisherman’s insane battle with monster crocodile to save his son’s hat

A father took his love for his son right to the limit by wrestling a huge crocodile just to try and get his son's hat back.

The fight between the pair was captured on camera, and it all started when the four-metre long beast was looking to grab a nearby metre-long barramundi fish for its lunch.

It spotted the fish on the end of a fishing line in the waters of Chaills Crossing in Kakadu, Australia.

But rather than letting the croc eat the fish, the man attempts to reel it in, which angers the croc.

During the battle over the fish, fisherman Scott Roscarel refused to let go, dragged the fish and the crocodile onto nearby concrete and ended up jumping backwards.

But while jumping back, he then kicked his son's hat in front of the crocodile – and jumped right after it to save it.

An onlooker can be heard screaming “let him have it”, about the fish, not the hat, too.

The man's love for his son, the hat and the fish won out as the crocodile retreated back into the water.

He told local news outlets: “I had to manhandle it.

“When the fish hit the edge of the crossing it jumped and the line for got caught on the front of the crossing.

“I had that much adrenaline, I wasn't thinking too much. I realised how close the croc was and I backed up.

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“I snapped my rod in the process and got the fish in the nick of time.”

Ironically, his son wasn't actually bothered about the hat, telling his father that he had “15 at home, but I've only got one father”.

Scott often spends his days catching fish and posting about it on Instagram.

Users were shocked by his battle with the crocodile.

One wrote: “Bit close for comfort there.”

While another posted: “You mad man! Glad he didn’t get ya! Good fish!”

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