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Charles to decide Andrew fate on historic title as it’s ‘too hurtful’ for Queen

The Queen won't strip Prince Andrew of his historic Duke of York title because it would be "too hurtful" and could instead pass his fate onto Prince Charles, a royal author has claimed.

Pressure is mounting for the Queen to strip Andrew of the historic Duke of York title she gave him in 1986 follow his high-profile settlement with Virgina Giuffre.

On Wednesday, Andrew was stripped of his honorary "Freedom of the City of York" position following an Extraordinary Council Meeting where he was branded an "utter disgrace" who "brought shame to the city".

In January, Andrew was also stripped of his military titles and royal patronages.

However, Cele Otnes, co-author of Royal Fever, told that the monarch would see the move to revoke Andrew's Duke of York title as “unwarranted” and said the decision could fall to Charles when he becomes king.

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She said: “His service as escort of the queen at Prince Philip‘s memorial service certainly seemed to raise a lot of consternation among the family, and probably among Royal brand managers and royal watchers as well.

“I doubt very seriously the Queen will take the step of stripping him of his title. I think she would perceive that as too hurtful a gesture from his mother — and unwarranted.

"However, Prince Charles may well choose to do so when he becomes King.

The the Queen alone cannot remove titles of peerage. Any attempt to remove the title would have to be led by parliament, with a statute passed by both the House of Commons and the Lords.

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It's been claimed that Andrew has a "creep plan" to bounce back to royal life after aiding the Queen at Prince Philip's memorial service.

Some royal watchers say the united front for Prince Philip's memorial showed that the monarch has made peace with her son for his controversial connection to convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Daily Mail columnist Richard Kay went as far as suggesting taking the plunge to walk with Andrew may have been the "most challenging decision she has had to make as Queen".

Rather than quietly accept him as part of the congregation, Andrew who has never been found guilty of any wrongdoing, was at the thick of the action in front of TV cameras.

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