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Hostel which housed UK’s most prolific paedo tells residents ‘have sex to relax’

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Staff at a probation hostel which has housed some of the country’s most dangerous paedophiles told residents to cuddle and have sex to beat stress.

The advice was stuck on a notice-board at Crowley House Approved Premises where Britain’s most prolific child abuser Vanessa George stayed after being freed from her jail sentence.

As part of a stress awareness drive, residents were urged to “unlock your happy” and release good-mood chemicals in their systems like serotonin, endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin.

They were told having sex and laughing will help release endorphins, having a massage ramps up serotonin levels and cuddling is good for increased oxytocin.

At the unit, which tweeted about its “stress awareness board”, offenders sleep in single bedrooms and they take part in activities like baking, making clothes and even creating their own soaps.

They also enjoy barbecues, gardening and trips to local beauty spots. It costs the taxpayer about £600 a week to house offenders at Crowley House.

Last night a spokesman for victims’ group Parents Against Grooming UK told us: “This seems to be an exercise in feeding the desires of people who have committed sex crimes.

“I can’t imagine the survivors of abuse thinking this kind of therapy is a good idea. It could certainly lead to re-offending.”

George was released after serving 10 years in prison, to the disgust of the families of abused children.

She spent several months at the centre in Selly Oak, Birmingham, before being found a flat.

Protesters led by paedophile awareness group, No Room to Groom, held a vigil outside the premises to vent their feelings about her release.

The 52-year-old abused up to 30 babies and toddlers while working at Little Ted’s Nursery in Plymouth.

Mum of two George was jailed indefinitely in 2009 and ordered to serve a minimum of seven years.

In July 2019, a Parole Board panel cleared her for release from Send Prison in Surrey, saying she was no longer a “significant risk to the public”.

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