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‘Perfect’ Kate ‘won’t worry’ about how she’s portrayed in The Crown, says expert

Kate Middleton will not be worried about her portrayal in The Crown as her image is perfect, a royal expert has claimed.

Last month it was reported that Netflix were looking to cast young actors to play Princes William and Harry in the show’s sixth season.

And now reports have suggested that the Duchess of Cambridge could also play a minor role in the series – despite a casting call yet to be put out.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold believes Kate has nothing to worry about should she be portrayed in the drama’s final season.

He told OK!: "Kate doesn't have much to worry about, her PR and image is perfect. There is nothing not perfect about her.

"At the end of the day, it's PR. Some bits are historical and some bits are drama – the palace has always been keen to remind people it is drama.

Grant added that Camilla actually met Emerald Fennell who plays her in The Crown recently and the meeting appeared to have gone well.

He explained: "The Duchess of Cornwall actually met the actress who played her in The Crown a few weeks ago. The actress has not said what was said, but Camilla was happy to chat to her."

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And when it comes to Kate, any person playing her would not take on a "negative character".

Grant explains: "It will be positive. So they may well see it as good PR. There will be an interest for them and she is likely to come face to face with the actress that plays her at some point at an event."

The Daily Star has approached the Duchess of Cambridge for comment, but her team declined to comment.

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