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Putin’s troops ‘booby trap teddy bears’ with explosives to kill children

Vladimir Putin’s troops are planting bombs in children’s teddy bears in a sick strategy to torment ordinary Ukrainians, a surgeon treating the war-wounded in Kyiv has claimed.

Oleksandr Yatsyna, a trained urologist, has claimed that Russians are determined to kill Ukrainian children.

It is thought to be part of a strategy of psychological warfare, to ‘twist their minds’ by making their lives unbearable and weaken them into abandoning resistance.

He said: “First we had the catastrophic injuries from the bombs, then the shooting, next the mines scattered along the roads but worst of all are the stuffed toys filled with explosives.

“They are targeting families. Be in no doubt, the Russians are determined to kill our civilians and children too.”

British spooks believe Putin directly ordered his generals to commit war crimes in Ukraine..

The blood-thirsty Russian leader told his Army commanders to rape, pillage and to unleash hell on Ukrainian towns and cities.

The 69-year-old former KGB officer gave the order after his troops were humiliated in fighting during the opening days of the war.

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A senior British intelligence source said: “Putin wanted retribution. He and his generals were completely humiliated by the Ukrainian armed forces and resistance fighters.

“Instead of a quick victory, the Russian advance was halted. So he ordered his generals to rape, kill and pillage as they began retreating.

“He is punishing the Ukrainian people for fighting for their country. But like the coward he isPutin is choosing soft targets such as women, children and the elderly.”

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Yesterday, civilian evacuations went ahead in parts of eastern Ukraine a day after a missile strike killed at least 52 people at a train station where thousands were waiting to leave the region before an expected Russian onslaught.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky demanded a tough global response to Friday’s train station attack in Kramatorsk, calling it the latest sign of war crimes by Russian forces and hoping to prod Western backers to step up their response to help his country defend itself.

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He said: “All world efforts will be directed to establish every minute of who did what, who gave what orders, where the missile came from, who transported it, who gave the command and how this strike was agreed,”

Last night it was reported Putin has lost his ninth colonel in battle..

A funeral was held for Colonel Alexander Bespalov on Friday in the closed Russian city of Ozersk, according to a local announcement, which said he was killed ‘during a special military operation in Ukraine’ – a term used by Moscow to avoid saying ‘war’.

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