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WWE’s Trish Stratus sexiest ever outfits – tiny bikini to bra and panties match

Trish Stratus is known to wrestling fans all over the world.

In fact, she's known to everyone outside of wrestling, too – especially males.

The now-46-year-old was the poster girl for most teenage boys in the early 2000s, as her blonde hair and big…assets made her an instant hit when she debuted with WWE in the year 2000.

Having been spotted by WWE because of her fledgling modelling career, she was given a multi-year deal in 1999.

Trish, whose real name is Patricia Anne Stratigeas, debuted shortly after with Test and Prince Albert.

Wearing not very much, she managed the duo who were coined “T&A” – also short for two things Trish was flouting in abundance.

Way before she became one of the best females to ever step foot into a ring, and hold a historic seven women's championships, she was utilised for her looks.

Mainly standing at ringside with eye-popping short tops and hot pants, as well as a black cowboy hat, Trish was one of the highlights of Monday Night Raw at the time.

She recalled: “When I debuted I wanted to make sure my outfit was a distinguishable 'look'.

“The day I got word I was debuting, I was in Long Island, and they sent me out to the mall to find clothes.

“Luckily I had my boots with me, and I came across the long coats.

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“The cowboy hats came along really just because they were 'in' at the time, so they were all over the mall, so I grabbed a couple hats to match my outfits and voila – the classic Trish Stratus look was born!”

But she wasn't afraid to get rough, as she was once drive through a table by iconic tag team The Dudley Boyz at the 2000 Backlash PPV.

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She had been using her gifts to taunt Bubba Ray Dudley, who was so infatuated with her that he just had to put her through a table to…let off some steam.

Trish was also involved in an angle where she spent most of her time making out with WWE owned Vince McMahon, as he had an on-screen affair with her to anger wife Linda.

This pairing saw Vince demand Trish strip off to her bra and panties in the ring and “bark like a dog”.

It got a lot of cheers from the mainly male crowd at the time.

The entire thing came to a head at Wrestlemania 17 when Linda arose from a wheelchair to kick Vince in the balls, all why Trish stood by and encouraged her.

Her outfit at the time was a skimpy, shiny bra and pants combo, with a black cowboy hat and furry coat.

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Of that outfit, she said: “I remember being so excited to be in my first WrestleMania and I knew there was a chance I'd be getting physical so this was the first time I took my traditional boots and trench coat and paired it with shorts instead of my usual skirt.

“The cross over tie on the top was my trademark look from my fitness days, so I brought that into my wrestling attire with this outfit.”

The next year or so, which was not a vintage one for technical in-ring women's action, would see her compete in numerous bra and panties matches – where you could only win by stripping your opponent of their clothes, leaving them in just their underwear.

She also had a lingerie pillow fight with the leggy blonde Stacey Kiebler.

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A few years later, during her iconic feud with fellow legend Lita, she came down to the ring in white lingerie, stockings and a very see-through coat.

At the time, Lita was being forced to marry Kane, as she was having his baby – not real, just on the show – so Trish wore white because Lita couldn't.

She recalled: “There are no words to describe this outfit… it was what any good Maid of Honor would wear… if they were an evil best friend that is!”

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While the colour of Trish's earlier sex-fueled outfits has changed, the basic premise never did.

They were worn to show off what needed to be shown off, and she did it with style.

Later on in her career, when she became a more serious wrestler, her outfits matched that, and she never went back to the skimpy early years again.

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