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UK weather forecast: Britain faces heat blast ahead of Easter Weekend – Azores plume hits

UK weather: Met Office predict ‘sunny spells’ and ‘showers’

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On Wednesday April 13, just before the start of the long Easter weekend, the southeast of England will enjoy a brief warm spell, particularly across East and West Sussex. Temperatures of between 17C and 18C are also predicted for Kent and Surrey, falling by a couple of degrees towards the West Country, according to data available on Friday from WXCharts.

Across the Midlands, temperatures of 13C and 14C will be more common, falling to 9C in the northeast of England but clinging on to 12C heights in the northwest.

Temperatures will stay largely in the single digits across Scotland, only reaching 5C in the northern areas but within touching distance of double digits towards the English border.

In stark contrast, by the end of the Easter weekend temperatures will dip toward zero in the early mornings.

WXCharts predictions show that on Monday April 18, lows of -1C will be widespread across the southeast of England, and the northwest of the country.

Even chillier temperatures will be felt in south Wales, dipping down to -2C.

The warmest of the temperatures will be seen on the east coast, ranging between 1C and 4C from London up through to Suffolk and Norfolk.

Jim Dale, the founder of British Weather Services, told that “there’s definitely warmth there” ahead of the weekend.

He noted the “sun has got its hat on”, which will likely stay for a “settled, pleasant Easter”.

He said “in the sunshine, it feels a lot warmer”, but although it will be “warm by day”, it will remain “cold in the mornings” for the next week.

He added forecasters were “looking out for any potential heat spikes”, but as the week progresses, the temperatures will match up to Britons’ expectations of “good British weather”.

The “high pressure” that will stay “more or less on the scene” will mean the warmth is in the sun, rather than the air, but as Mr Dale phrased it: “It could be a lot worse.”

He said: “A settled Easter is on the cards.”

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Ahead of a warmer stint next week, this Friday will see the end of much of the showers covering the UK, with the rain slower to dissipate along the coastlines.

The Met Office forecast predicts: “Staying breezy, particularly in the northeast, but chilly with a widespread but mostly slight frost.”

Heading towards Saturday, the Met Office said: “A showery day in the north with some sleet possible in far north and over mountains. Still windy here.

“Elsewhere mostly dry with lighter winds and some sunshine.”

Sunday is set to begin “frosty”, with “plenty of sunshine” for most of the UK.

The “high pressure” felt next week is likely to “become dominant” towards the end of the month, the Met Office added.

They forecast: “Temperatures are anticipated to stay above average during this period.”

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