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BBC Weather: Brits brace for mercury drop as 50mph gusts hits ‘Turning colder!’

BBC weather: Sunshine and showers as temperatures drop

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor predicted more mild spring weather across the UK. Winds of up to 40 to 50mph are expected in central and southern parts of England and Scotland, with outbreaks of rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland. And the Met Office has issued one yellow weather warning in Scotland for Snow.

Mr Taylor said: “It’s turning colder, especially across the northern half of the country, and with that, we’ll see sleet and snow.

“We have already got some across the North in our chart, especially pushing down into the Grampians at the moment.

“This is the heavy ready which will probably walk you through the night across Southern counties of England.

“It’s on its way out, will be through the next few hours, but we’ve still got the blustery winds to go.

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Mr Taylor added: “Winds gusting 40 to 50mp, particularly along some central southern parts of England and Wales and out to the West of Scotland.

“But it’s the ones from Scotland that rain coming down from the North, pushing these wintry showers ever further Southwards.

“Showers on and off through the day, Northern England, North Wales, and eventually North Midlands.

“Brightening up but still a few showers in Scotland, Nothern Ireland later.

BBC Weather forecasts windy conditions with rain showers

Mr Taylor said: “Some Southern counties of England and South Wales after the overnight rain, a dry day in-store by and large.

“Sunshine and only a few showers later on, maybe temperatures 12C to 13C at the most.

“But elsewhere dropping down to around six or seven degrees.

“Into tonight, the showers will keep on going across the Northern and Eastern areas.


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Mr Taylor added: “There will be some heavy rain pushing into the Channel Islands.

“Could fringe into Southern coastal counties, keeping the temperature up here.

“But the frosts are back for many, as we go through tonight and a chilly start to the weekend.

“But a dry sunny start, before we see some rain arrive in the West on Sunday.”

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