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Stunned woman catches ‘sad’ neighbour’s dirty car parking trick on hidden camera

A woman is rowing with her neighbour after noticing they are leaving their car in an awkward space so that she can’t park outside.

Lisa, a Youtube star, thought something was off after she often returned from work and realised all of the spaces outside of hers had been taken.

One day she set a camera up to record outside of her window and onto the street and captured some footage from the day. When looking back at the footage, her findings were shocking as it contained damning proof.

As soon as Lisa left, the neighbour waited and ran out of her house and moved her car forward so there wouldn’t be enough space left for Lisa when she got home, reports the Mirror.

Commenting on the video, people were quick to slam Lisa's neighbour.

One user said: "Now that is sad.”

Then a second added: "So glad I have my own garage and an allocated parking space."

And a third wrote: "That was one of my main priorities when house hunting. Life is too short for this."

"Best thing I have ever done was to buy a house with a driveway," added another user.

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Meanwhile, one mum from the US has found herself embroiled in a feud with her neighbours after she allowed her two-year-old daughter to play in her own fenced-off garden.

Posting her story on Reddit, the mum said she let her daughter venture outside by herself while she kept an eye on her from the house, but when her neighbours saw the tot outside without a parent, they immediately assumed she had been left "unattended".

Now, the woman's neighbours have threatened to "report" her for "neglecting" her child – even after she explained that it was a misunderstanding.

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