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Camilla shows signs of ‘strained relationship’ with Philip at memorial – Expert

Camilla’s relationship with Prince Philip has been revealed as “very strained” by her tense body language during his memorial, a body language expert has claimed.

The Royal Family was in attendance at Westminster Abbey today to pay tribute to the late Duke of Edinburgh almost a year after his passing.

Prince Charles attended with the Duchess of Cornwall, who is the future Queen Consort, but leading UK psychotherapist and body language expert Nick Davies believes Camilla “did not want to be there”.

Nick analysed the facial expressions of the Royal Family while the Dean of Windsor, The Right Reverend David Conner, spoke about Philip in his life.

Camilla in particular caught his eye because the Duchess’ body language looked “uncomfortable” and he believes she showed microexpressions where she was “disagreeing” with some of the things said about Philip.

Nick told the Daily Star: “What is surprising are Camilla's reactions, as she looks away fairly consistently from the Dean of Windsor when he speaks about Philip and expresses several leaks, tells and microexpressions that show she is questioning or disagreeing with some of the good things said about him.

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“She also looks uncomfortable as if she doesn't really want to be there and an analysis would be that she had a very strained relationship with him.”

Charles sat in between Camilla and his mother the Queen during the ceremony as her Majesty appeared to shed a tear as the national anthem played.

The Queen arrived with Prince Andrew, the first time he has been seen with other royals since being stripped from his patronage.

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There had been questions regarding the Queen’s mobility with some sources suggesting she could appear in a wheelchair.

However, she was accompanied by holding Andrew’s hand as she used a walking stick.

Andrew was given a front row seat in Westminster Abbey, sitting close to his other siblings.

On Andrew’s left was his brother the Earl of Wessex and Edward’s family the Countess of Wessex and their children Lady Louise Windsor and James, Viscount Severn.

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Across an aisle on his right was the Princess Royal, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, the Duchess of Cornwall, Prince of Wales and the Queen.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte also attended with parents Prince William and Kate Middleton, and sat behind the Queen.

Prince Louis was not in attendance as his older brother George and sister Charlotte paid tribute to their great-grandfather.

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