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Man got sex toy lodged inside partner’s dog as he begged her not to got to vets

A man who shoved a 10cm sex toy inside his partner's dog pleaded with her to not take the animal to the vets after he panicked that he would get arrested.

Rory Knox, 39, was at his girlfriend's home when he forced to toy into the female dog where it became stuck internally on April 18 last year.

The perv took the pooch on two walks in Milton of Campsie, East Dunbartonshire, and showered it before he carried out the sick act and alerted his partner about what he had done.

The woman, who was in a relationship with him at the time, later told the cops she had purchased the toy for Knox as a joke Christmas present, reports The Glasgow Times.

Fiscal depute Ross Harris said at Glasgow Sheriff Court: “He went on to say he was playing about with the dog and got the sex toy stuck inside her.

“A few hours later, the woman noticed the dog appeared stressed. The accused asked several times for the dog not to be taken to the vet as he would be arrested.

“The woman took the dog to the vet the next day.

“The dog was examined and appeared calm and not in any distress. Her genital area was swollen and dry."

The sex device was taken out of the pet after it was identified during an X-ray and rectal examination.

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The clinical director told the woman he planned to report the incident to the SSPCA, which she supported, after stating that she had considered calling the cops herself.

Before Knox was arrested in Helensburgh on April 20, the woman made him send £338 to pay for the vet bill.

He was charged with causing the animal unnecessary suffering.

“It’s a bad offence and not really one that can be mitigated. At the time, his life was particularly chaotic," said Harris.

"He was gripped by cocaine use."

Harris added: “The matter is serious and also quite bizarre. This man clearly needs help. Supervision would provide that and hopefully, reduce the risk of further offending.

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“There also requires to be a punitive element here. He would comply with any order.

“As bad as the offence is, there is an appropriate reaction to it. His admittance of it to the complainer, him covering the vet bill she required to pay on the day and his acceptance when charged. There was a degree of responsibility taken by him.”

Knox was ordered to be under supervision for one year and was tagged.

He was prohibited from keeping, owning or being responsible for any animal for seven years.

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