Sturgeon told to RESIGN after FM forced to admit ‘buck stops with me’ on ferry crisis

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The controversy, which Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross called a “scandal”, concentrates on the contract for two overbudget and delayed ferries.

Audit Scotland, the country’s public spending auditor, said the Ferguson shipyard was given the contract against expert advice and without expected financial safety nets. 

Estimates show the ferries will cost over two and a half times the original budget for their construction, totalling £250m, rather than £97m.

They will also be ready five years late.

The decision was condemned by Scots on social media, with one Twitter user, @majorityscot, beginning a Twitter campaign in which they said: “Retweet if you think Sturgeon should resign over the ferry scandal.”

Twitter user Facundo Savala also wrote: “When it comes to the ferries, the buck stops with Nicola Sturgeon.

“I believe she should take ownership and resign.”

This echoed the statement of the SNP leader in Holyrood, where she admitted the “buck stops with me” over the ferry contracts.

She did, however, point to former Transport Minister Derek Mackay as a key part of the decision-making process.

Dismissing this on Twitter, @JoyousCivic wrote: “We all know Sturgeon signed off on Ferguson Marine being awarded the contract for two ferries, no Minister can make any decision unless she confirms it.

“She should resign, she won’t, she thinks there are enough anti-English Scots who will continue to vote for her.”

Glenn Campbell, political editor for BBC Scotland News, added: FM @NicolaSturgeon says ultimate responsibility for decision to award ferry building contract to Ferguson rests with her.

“Also points out Derek Mackay was transport minister at the time.”


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