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Urban explorer uncovers abandoned spa and waterpark under huge glass dome

An urban explorer has uncovered a waterpark and spa hidden that has remained hidden under a huge glass dome – complete with a giant swirling waterslide and hot tub.

The derelict attraction, which is located near Göttingen, East Germany has a huge outdoor and indoor swimming pool that has been left covered in mud.

The times have wither been smashed away from the structure or covered in graffiti, while the metal structure and glass appears to have clouded over with rust and muck from a lack of care.

Shards of glass surround the pale blue hot tub with pieces of the building's structure crumbled down around it from becoming a target for vandals who have branded the walls with names like 'Noah' and words like 'Run.'

In one of the snaps posted to Facebook by Arcanum Urbex, features a wall branded with the year 1945 – which was the that the Second World War ended.

However, according to the original poster, the park isn't that old.

Perhaps the most well preserved, and untouched part of the park is the gigantic green waterslide that towers over the resort going in several loops before returning to a now empty pool.

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The explorer captioned the images: "Time is a pool to swim and dream and create in. Spa and Pool 'Under the Dome' – Germany."

The post unlocked memories for locals who were left fascinated by the find.

One user said: "So cool!!! Reminds me of a water park I went to, in Belgium, 20ish years ago."

Another added: "Fountain caused a tricky headache because I jumped against it."

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A third said: "Our most beautiful place in my childhood.. we were there every free minute with our friends."

A fourth wrote: "I was just there a few months ago. And it looked so bad. Everything's broken, basement is completely under water."

A fifth added: "Spent many happy hours there…"

The news comes after a former US military base has become a brightly coloured 'graffiti park' after being closed down at the end of World War One.

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Fort Armistead in Maryland was constructed between 1885 and 1905 as part of the Endicott programme and was named after Major George Armistead, the commander of Fort McHenry during the Battle of Baltimore in the War of 1812.

It was made up of four gun batteries, all named after revolutionary war heroes, that featured 12-inch M1888 disappearing guns.

But once the US joined World War One, the base's weapons were sent overseas and the majority were never brought back, leading it to be closed down in 1920.

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