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Man in Ukraine warns food reserves ‘getting worse’ as he films empty supermarket

Supermarkets in Ukraine are running out of food, according to a man trying to help feed his country's army.

Andrey Liscovich, a tech entrepreneur from Silicon Valley who returned to his birthplace in Ukraine after it was invaded by Russia, shared a video of barren supermarket shelves.

Posting it on his @ukrdefensefund TikTok on Monday (March 14) he admitted he is growing fearful about the lack of food in the city of Zaporizhzhia.

Showing the empty shelves, he comments: "I'm at the grocery store buying a bunch of stuff for the army again.

"It looks the situation is getting worse with supplies, especially vegetables.

"There are still some oranges, but almost everything else is gone. The dairy aisle is almost entirely empty look at this, nothing, one or two yogurts, same on the other side.

"The food situation is getting worse it's pretty noticeable."

He films a fairly large pile of carrots, and notes in the caption: "Grocery store struggles in Ukraine right now. Only orange-colored fruits and veggies left."

The video was watched more than 200,000 times and viewers told him they hoped the situation would improve soon.

One said: "Hunger brings bad situations alone, praying so hard for you."

Another commented: "Stay safe and strong my guy. Things will look up here soon."

"Think of all that we throw away…and they cant get the basics," said a third viewer.

Andrey, who is nicknamed "the American", set up the website Ukraine Defense Fund where people can donate money and supplies to help the cause.

In an interview with CNN, he says the Ukrainian volunteer soldiers have little in the way of donated supplies other than guns and need socks and underwear.

Andrey said he accepted he could die and wrote his will in the flight over to Ukraine, and said he hoped he would be brave until the end.

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