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Drug cartel’s chilling note for Brit before execution in front of daughter

A British business mogul who was shot dead while driving in Mexico was reportedly warned he would "end up in a bodybag" by vicious drug cartels before the shooting.

Chris Cleave, 54, was driving through Playa del Carmen in Cancun on Saturday (March 12) in his convertible red Audi when two men ambushed him and opened fire through the driver's side window, hitting him in the head and killing him instantly.

And according to local reports from the area, the killing could be drug cartel-related despite Mr Cleave being not being associated with the illegal trade.

On March 5, 2021, Mr Cleave and two others were the targets of a sinister hit job message left on the side of a local beach.

It read: "We are coming for you and the sale of your s***. Also for you Cris [sic], with the red Audi.

“Shut your mouth before you find yourself in a body bag.

“Playacar will be your prison because outside we’re waiting for you.”

Police soon removed the message and confirmed that they suspected no illegal activity had been found at local restaurant Bistro Playacar.

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Police are now looking into why Mr Cleave was targeted in a way used by those involved in these activities.

Local prosecutors confirmed two arrests had been made over the killing.

A spokesman for Quintana Roo’s State Prosecution Service said: “We can confirm the arrest of two men who probably participated in the incident that took place on Saturday morning in which a foreigner living in the area lost his life.

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“The weapon that was used has been recovered.”

The teenager has been named only by his first name and the initial of his surname as Lenin N and the older man as Jose N.

Mr Cleave became a permanent Mexican resident in 2013 and worked as an estate agent and property manager, according to police.

The ex-pat is believed to have been followed as he left his home before being assassinated as he stopped in traffic.

His daughter Chloe, 14, was also involved in the shooting and taken to hospital but was not seriously injured.

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