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Diana used to spoil Harry with particular sweet treat, former royal chef says

Princess Diana used to spoil Prince Harry with one particular sweet treat when he was young, a former royal chef has claimed.

The "People's Princess" was well known for being affectionate with both of her sons and was not afraid to show it in public.

According to the family's former chef Carolyn Robb, Princess Di shared a particularly special bond with her youngest son, Harry.

She described the story of when Harry was a child and wanted to have a treacle tart – which was one of his favourite desserts – for breakfast.

When he asked Robb for his favourite treat, she told him that he had to ask his mother to see if he could have it for breakfast.

According to Robb, Harry asked Diana, who returned the answer on a handwritten note that read, "Mummy says it's okay", with the young Prince getting to enjoy a sweet as his first meal of the day.

Diana and Harry had such a special relationship, that according to royal correspondent Robert Jobson, she even had a special nickname for him.

He told Her: "She used to refer to Harry as GKH (Good King Harry) because she thought he'd probably be better equipped for the role in the future than William."

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The Princess' love for her sons ran so deep that before she died, she decided to leave most of her treasured belongings to the two boys for when they turned 30.

In the official document, she asked that almost everything she owned was to be divided between William and Harry, with the rest of her possessions being split among her 17 godchildren, and she left £50,000 to butler and confidant Paul Burrell.

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