GB News: Tearful teacher praises Zelensky and says Ukraine doesn’t need ‘liberators’

Farage suggests a referendum for a Russia-Ukraine peace deal

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Speaking to host Dan Wootton, Julia Laesser, who taught in Kharkiv before she was forced to flee from Russian attackers, said that negotiations with Russia would be difficult as Ukraine “cannot compromise” with its territory. Ms Laesser also blasted the Russian troops which had invaded her country stating “we don’t need these liberators”, a sarcastic reference to Vladimir Putin’s claim he was going to denazify Ukraine.

She told the kiwi-born presenter: “We are so happy that we have Zelensky as our President.

“We trust them, and we know that he is doing his best to stop the war, but this is our country we cannot compromise with our territory.

“We love our country; we don’t need these liberators on our territory.

“They hoped that within two days they will see Ukrainian people meeting them with flowers.

“On the contrary they united everyone in Ukraine to fight for our freedom.”

Ms Laesser also spoke to Mr Wootton about her friends and family still in Kharkiv as well as her wish for a no-fly zone over the country.

She said: “My elder sister she is staying in Kharkiv and they are being severely bombed right now.

“We are making a kind of role call every day, because I have friends who couldn’t leave the city.

“Of course, every morning I try to get a message from them that they are alive, that everything is Ok with them.

“We hope that the sky over Ukraine will be closed, because now we have so many people who are being killed.

“Every day, every minute and they have destroyed 90 percent of the second largest city in Ukraine.”

Mr Wootton also spoke to Danya Levchenko, Ms Lasesser’s nephew who is a university student currently volunteering to help refugees.

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Mr Levchenko told Mr Wootton that the current situation was “hard to believe” but he hoped for a better future.

He said: “We hope for a better future for better days, and we will win but it’s actually very hard nowadays.

“There are millions of people who don’t have homes, don’t have food and money, it’s very hard to believe.”

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