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Putin’s troops turn on each other – ‘soldier shot dead for helping Ukrainians’

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A Russian soldier claims his comrades opened fire him when he tried helping two Ukrainian women.

The Ukrainian Security Service has released footage of a captured Russian soldier saying he was turned on and another lieutenant was killed after refusing orders to fire at civilians in Kharkiv on February 24.

The captive said the pair of them were attempting to save a mother and daughter who were inside a car at the time of shooting, reports.

Sadly not only did the lieutenant die but the mother did too, while the surviving Russian soldier suffered a foot wound as he retreated with the daughter aged in her 20s.

Once the gunfire settled down the Ukrainian woman grabbed car keys from her lifeless mother's pockets and drove the soldier away from the conflict, he claims.

He said: "Then your [Ukrainian[ forces began to shoot at ours. And then, while ours were being shot at, me and my lieutenant were helping civilians."

Speaking about the two women they helped, the soldier said: "The lieutenant ran over to them, began to take them out of the car, shouting 'come over here'.

"In about 20 minutes, they noticed me and the lieutenant were saving civilians and an order was given to shoot me and the lieutenant and the civilians.

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"The lieutenant was killed, then they began shooting at the mother. She died with him too.

"Me and the daughter began to retreat. My forces began to shoot me in the legs.

"If it wasn't for this garage, they would have killed me the same as they had with the mother and lieutenant."

He described how he and the daughter sat behind a garage until the shooting had quietened down and they were able to drive away after the daughter retrieved car keys from her mother's body.

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The soldier said: "I crawled to the car and she put me in the backseat. She started the car and drove."

It comes after a separate video showed a Russian soldier saying many troops are fleeing the war – despite facing a potential seven-year jail sentence for desertion.

In the video, the man said: "Many have already left home. Many are fleeing, they don't want to go to war. What is it for? No one needs this, this war. No one wants this.

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"They are against it, they're escaping. The thing is they're promising seven years in prison, so people are staying. No one wants to go to jail."

He added: "Around a month ago they gathered us, gave us documents, and told us to say we're willing to participate in a special operation.

"Even if you didn't want to sign up for it, you did, and everyone was 100 percent told to go, they were sent".

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