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Daddy Putin’s secret daughters from dwarf expert to rock ‘n’ roll dancer

The age-old saying goes you can't choose your parents, you just have to live with them.

That's especially true of Russian President Vladimir Putin's daughters who have had to make their way through life in his tyrannical shadow.

Although the 69-year-old despot keeps his private life incredibly private, it is public knowledge that he shares two daughters with his ex-wife Lyudmila Putina, who he separated from in 2013 after 30 years of marriage.

These are 36-year-old Maria Faassen and her sister 35-year old Katerina Tikhonova.

He is also rumoured to be the father of 18-year-old Luiza Rozova, though in charming Putin fashion he has never publically acknowledged his suspected progeny, reports the Mirror.

As you might expect though, having an alleged war criminal for a father causes some complications.

Only last week residents of the exclusive private estate of St George's Hill in the Surrey town of Weybridge kicked up a fuss after rumours emerged that one of Vladimir's daughters lived there.

It is unclear which daughter is thought to live there or if they actually do, however.

In fantastic news for the world though, none of his daughters has followed their father into government, and instead pursued more wholesome careers.

Let's take a look at what they get up to when they're not having the most awkward Christmas dinner ever around daddy's ridiculous long table.

Maria Faassen

First up is Maria Faassen, who was named after Putin's mother Maria Ivanovna Shelomova and studied biology at St Petersburg State University.

After completing her studies, she went to medical school in Moscow and became a paediatric endocrinologist and one of Russia's top experts on dwarfism.

The now expert has publicly spoken about her research on genetic testing and combating rare genetic diseases.

Maria has one child with husband, Dutch businessman Jorrit Faassen, making Putin officially one of those problematic grandad's that most families have.

Katerina Tikhonova

Next up is Katerina Tikhonova who in a possible sign of rebellion dropped her surname Putina, opting instead to take on the patronymic surname of her maternal grandmother, Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva.

Katerina was born in August 1986 and attended the same schools in East Germany and Moscow as her sister.

The 35-year-old is a director for the Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems at Moscow State University and also studied at St Petersburg State University,

However, unlike her sister, rebel Katerina is best-known for her success as a rock 'n roll dancer, something the Kremlin denied for years.

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She became a member of Russia's Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Mass Sports in 2019 and has had a strong influence on the development of acrobatic rock 'n roll dancing – which is bizarrely big in Russia.

For several years, Katerina served as the vice president for expansion and marketing at the World Rock and Roll Confederation (WWRC).

The danger was previously married to Kirill Shamalov, a part-owner of SIBUR Holding (a petrochemicals company) and son of the co-owner of one of the largest banks in Russia.

The couple divorced in 2018, with reports suggesting they shared almost €2 billion.

Luiza Rozova

And last but not least (unless we're talking about how Putin sees it?) is Vlad's "unofficial, top-secret child" 18-year old Luiza Rozova.

It is thought that Putin had an affair with Krivonogikh, Luiza's mother. However, she has never commented on claims that the Russian leader fathered her child.

Suspicion has now risen that Luiza, who had 84,000 followers on Instagram, has been gagged by her alleged father after she stopped publicly posting five months ago when suspicions of Russian troop build-up on the Ukrainian border were first raised.

However, some deny that Luiza is Putin's youngest child and given how much he currently has on his plate, it's unlikely we'll get an answer from the big man any time soon.

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