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Brit who tried to fight Russia crushed after Ukraine deem him a ‘liability’

A brave Brit who answered the Ukrainian President's Voldymr Zelensky's call for foreign fighters has been left dejected after being told by Ukrainian officials he is more of a liability than a help.

Leon Dawson travelled to the Ukrainian embassy in London on February 28, where he spoke to Sky News about the prospect of fighting.

Filled with confidence at the time, Leon stated that despite having no military experience he'd be an asset.

He said: "We’ve come to join the Ukrainian army or whatever they’re called.

"I’m British. They look like they need help, we’re young strong fit men so why not.

"I have no military experience whatsoever."

However, it seems the 37-year-old gym owner from Surrey may have bitten off more than he could chew as after heading over with a group of friends they were told they were surplus to requirements.

Leon revealed that when they arrived at the Polish border they were brought quickly down to earth by a Ukrainian official who said they were "more of a liability than a help".

Leon said: "He said 'We don't have the resources to train you, we don't have the time to train you either'

"I'm not a stupid person. I understand war is way more than just people shooting.

"To be fair, I don't think I would be much help shooting. I haven't used a gun before, I don't know the language, I don't know the tactics. I would be better put to work doing something else."

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Despite not being needed on the frontline, Leon and his friends still intend to travel to the Ukrainian border to offer aid, although he hasn't completely given up on fighting.

He continued: "If they need me to fight then obviously that's something I'm willing to do.

"What I'm not going to do is go there and get myself trapped. I don't speak the language, I don't have any of the currency. I don't have anyone to help me.

"To get trapped there would be obviously very, very bad. I'm trying not to let that happen."

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