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Ukrainian caught stealing humiliated and tied to pole with trousers pulled down

A man caught stealing from abandoned homes in Ukraine was humiliated by locals, tied to a pole and had his trousers pulled down.

His attempts at taking advantage of Russia's invasion backfired dramatically as he was photographed wrapped to a lamp post near to a petrol station in Kyiv.

A police car is also visible in the snap although it is not yet clear if cops were there to let him free, reprimand him for the looting or enforce the punishment themselves.

There have actually been several reports of looters being punished in a similar fashion as defiant Ukrainians refuse to let their country unravel amid the chaos caused by Vladimir Putin's troops.

One user on Twitter took a number of photos of taped-up looters, writing last week: "On Ukrainian medias, such as it was reported to us personally by locals, as the looting and outlawness spreads in some regions of Ukraine.

"Locals are trying to stop the looters and bandits by themselves."

Some footage shared online shows looters being whipped on their bare bottoms.

One user said: “Another video of punishing marauders in Ukraine!

“My country isn't for looters.”

In Odessa a sign posted next to a market read: “Dear customers, I’m a volunteer that’s why no seller here. Just self service. Take it for free if you have no money. Slava Ukraine. Slava Odessa.

“P.S. if you catch a looter – shoot him.”

Local media in Ukraine have shared videos of Russian soldiers looting grocery shops and banks amid claims they are running low on rations.

Meanwhile a woman named Elana was praised as a local hero when she destroyed a looter's drone with a jar of tomatoes, reportedly used for looking for empty flats to target.

She told Liga Net that she was sitting on the balcony of her flat in Kyiv smoking when the drone suddenly appeared.

In a bid to halt the device she pelted objects at it.

Her shot knocked it out of the air and she and her husband collected the remnants into a number of bins in case the device could be tracked.

Elena told the publication she decided "instantly" that she wouldn't be leaving Kyiv after Russia invaded the country, and had no regrets about staying to fight.

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