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Russia’s foreign minister warns World War 3 would be ‘nuclear and destructive’

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Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov has warned a third World War would be ‘nuclear and destructive’.

Lavrov has said that Russia, which launched what it calls a special military operation against Ukraine last week, would face a “real danger” if Kyiv acquired nuclear weapons.

More than 100 diplomats from some 40 countries walked out of a speech by Mr Lavrov at the United Nations in Geneva as a protest against the invasion of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Ambassador Yevheniia Filipenko, who led the walkout, thanked the diplomats that supported the action.

“Thank you very much for this wonderful show of support to Ukrainians who are fighting for their independence,” she told officials gathered outside the chamber.

Patrick Bury, a lecturer in Defence and Strategic Studies at the University of Bath, said earlier this week that there’ is currently about a 20% chance that Putin’s warning over Ukraine will lead to an actual nuclear detonation.

He told New Scientist, though, that a single bomb doesn’t have to lead to all-out nuclear war.

Instead, he predicts, we could see a small “tactical” nuclear weapon used against Ukrainian troops, or potentially a larger device detonated at sea as a show of force.

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