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Heartwarming moment firefighters rescue dog after three days trapped underground

Firefighters have rescued a dog that was trapped underground in a badger’s lair for nearly three days.

The fire brigade was called to the scene in Coalville, Leicestershire, by the pup’s owner around midday yesterday (Tuesday, March 1) after the poor pooch had been trapped for more than 60 hours.

The dog had crawled into the sett and could not get out after it was trapped in the mud, Leicestershire Live reports.

The fire crews, assisted by RSPCA officers who were already at the scene, had to listen out for if its barking so they knew where to dig.

They also used specialist listening and locating devices to find the trapped canine.

The teams then called in reinforcements to help with the digging shortly before 4pm and the sounds being made by the dog allowed them to locate it.

The service confirmed the dog was rescued shortly before 5pm and was safely in the hands of RSPCA officers as well as being reunited with his owner.

The badger sett is believed to be inactive as no sign of any other animals were found at the scene.

In January, an urban explorer discovered a shivering puppy with matted fur in a storm drain in San Francisco, USA.

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Michael Vega who rescued the poor animal said it looked like the dog had been “stuck for days”.

He said the pooch had matted fur on his belly, long nails, red eyes and was showing signs of trauma, with a suggestion he may have even been strangled at some point.

Michael carried the pup through a shallow canal and took him to a vet to get him checked over, where they discovered the dog was not microchipped and was most likely a stray.

Rather than taking his new pal to a shelter, he decided to adopt him, naming him Rusty.

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