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Ukrainian soldiers moonwalk and head bang to iconic tunes on the front line

Ukrainian soldiers are trying to find ways to entertain themselves, and their compatriots, during difficult times as footage shows them moonwalking on the front line.

As Russia's invasion of the country ramps up, a group of Ukrainian heroes have taken to TikTok to show that it's not all doom and gloom on the battlefield.

Posted by Alexhook2302, several videos shows a gang of around five different soldiers dancing to hit songs such as Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana.

Although the Daily Star is unable to verify exactly where the videos were filmed, the men are wearing Ukrainian army uniform, and are holding weapons while performing classic dance moves, such as moonwalking and headbanging.

The videos have brought laughter on Twitter, as one user, Sunil Chowta wrote: “This video was refreshing, I loved the soldier was dancing for his daughter.

“This shows when the whole country stand together against arrogant army and megalomaniac leader then nothing is impossible.

“Fight back Ukraine.”

The videos come just a few hours after a man was nicknamed the "Ukranian Hulk" after video footage emerged of him trying to block Russian tanks advancing with his bare hands.

Reports suggest that Vladimir Putin and Russia have been caught off-guard by Ukrainian resistance, and that resistance was embodied in the moment that the man stretched out his hands and pushed back against a tank in Bakhmach, north-east of Kyiv.

The clip of the unidentified man was shared yesterday (Tuesday, February 28), by Ukraine's official Instagram account, accompanied by the triumphant message: "UKRAINIAN HULK STOPPED RUSSIAN TANK BAREHAND."

Days beforehand, a similar scene unfolded, when footage showed a man charge at Russian tanks and hit them with his bare hands. The armoured vehicles swerve to avoid him while a group of people watching scream in fear.

It is unclear where the footage was filmed but the man's actions sparked comparisons to the photo of a man standing down a line of four Chinese tanks in Beijing’s Tiananmen Square in June 1989.

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