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Russia finally kicked out of the World Cup

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It came hours after Fifa said Moscow, who hosted the 2018 event, could play this year under the name Football Union of Russia – but on neutral ground and minus their flag and anthem. But sources say the body bowed to pressure from nations including England, Sweden and Poland, who vowed not to play Vladimir Putin’s pariah nation.

The FA said it “wholeheartedly condemns the atrocities being committed by the Russian leadership” as both England and Wales voiced their objection at the weekend.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Fifa’s earlier punishment did not “go far enough”.

His official spokesman said: “Anyone seeing the situation and the horrific scenes we see on the ground would expect a body like Fifa to do more.

The Welsh FA said it “stands in solidarity with Ukraine”.

It said it felt “an extreme amount of sadness and shock to the recent developments in the country”.

The International Olympic Committee’s executive board has said sports federations and organisers should not allow Russian and Belarusian athletes to take part in world competitions.

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