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‘God save the Queen!’ Ukraine battlefield ‘transformed’ by 2,000 British anti-tank weapons

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The West has been supplying Ukraine with military aid, with 2,000 Anglo-Swedish Next-generation Light Anti-tank Weapons (NLAWs) being sent from Britain to aid Ukraine in their war effort. The weapons have been crucial in the country’s defence against Vladimir Putin’s advancing army. When Russian forces advanced on Kharkiv in the early hours of Thursday morning, their assault was brought to a halt by Ukrainian troops equipped with British anti-tank missiles.

At the scene of the attack, one Ukrainian soldier was quoted saying: “The tank – that was an NLAW.

“How do you say in English ‘God save the Queen?’”

Historically, Ukraine’s armed forces have been reliant on Russia for its arms but they have gradually been shifting their emphasis to Western supplied weaponry over the past three years.

According to Ukraine’s military, the anti-tank weapons have been invaluable in holding back the Russian onslaught, the Telegraph reported.

Defence expert Dan Sabbagh said that Western weapons are “transforming the battlefield in Ukraine’s favour”, adding that they are “critical to halt the Russian tank-dominated advance”.

In the first few days of fighting, the Ukrainian ambassador to the UK Vadym Prystaiko said that Russian planes and tanks were destroyed by British equipment, adding that Ukrainian forces were “putting up a real fight”.

He added: “Tanks, helicopters, planes being shot down.

“We are defending our land.”

Other Western countries have also been supplying Ukraine with weapons.

300 Javelin anti-tank missiles were sent by Washington, with more being sent from the UK.

Washington’s contribution was part of a $350 million package to support Ukraine’s defence.

The missiles, which cost $80,000 per unit, have been nicknamed Saint Javelin due to their effectiveness.

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The Netherlands plans to send 200 Stinger air defence rockets and 50 “Panzerfaust 3” anti-tank weapons with 400 rockets.

Germany has also pledged 1,000 anti-tank munitions and 500 Stinger missiles.

This came after the country overturned its long-standing ban on exporting weapons to conflict zones on Saturday.

Belgium and Sweden are also sending anti-tank weapons, marking the first time Sweden has sent weapons to a country involved in armed conflict since the USSR invaded Finland in 1939.

But Ukraine is still in need of more support, with Ukrainian defence minister Alexey Reznikov saying: “We need as much Stinger [anti-aircraft] and anti-tank weapons as possible.

“In order to provide for reliable procurement of equipment, you may deliver it to Poland.

“From there we will transport them across the land and quickly saturate our defence.”

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