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Meghan’s ‘evil’ reaction to Trooping The Colour incident debunked by expert

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A body language expert has debunked Meghan Markle's supposedly “evil” reaction to an accident at a royal event, proving that the narrative was “made up”.

During the 2018 Trooping The Colour event, Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, who was then 79 years old, fell off his horse.

The ceremony marked one of Meghan’s first official royal events, having married her husband Prince Harry in a lavish Windsor ceremony only the month beforehand.

After the incident, a picture was published that was reported to show the differences in reaction between Kate Middleton and her new sister-in-law.

The image appeared to paint Meghan in a bad light, as she could be seen to smirk while Kate appeared concerned.

However, examining the photo and associated footage on his YouTube channel, The Body Language Guy has debunked the rumours, proving that the reactions captured in the image had nothing to do with the Field Marshal’s fall.

“The first time I stumbled upon this picture, the caption linked their faces to Lord Guthrie’s fall,” Jesus Enrique Rosas began.

“Most probably you’ve seen it with captions such as, ‘the difference in reaction between Kate and Meghan to Lord Guthrie’s fall is the perfect example of how compassionate is Kate and how evil is Meghan’.

“But here’s the thing, the two events, Lord Guthrie falling from his horse, and the features in this picture happened in different moments.

“In reality, Lord Guthrie fell so far away from the balcony that it would have been really hard for anyone there to spot what happened.”

The body language expert then proceeded to show viewers footage of what had actually provoked Meghan’s smirk and Kate’s supposed concern.

In the clip, the Royal Family can be witnessed standing on the Buckingham Palace balcony, taking in the scene in front of them, with Kate coughing while Meghan chats to Harry.

“So the answer to what happened at that moment is: nothing,” Jesus suggested.

“So this photograph that allegedly pictured the difference between a compassionate Katherine and an evil Meghan, that narrative was absolutely made up.”

It comes as the Duchess of Sussex attended an event with Harry publicly for the first time in 2022, when she accepted a civil rights award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

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