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Mystery ‘angel’ leaves note on mum’s car saving her from potential deadly crash

A lucky mum was left feeling relieved after a “car Angel” saved her from a potentially serious blow-out while driving home.

Dawn-Ashford-Williams, a teaching assistant from Wrexham, met her sisters-in-law for lunch at Pizza Hut in the town's Central Retail Park,

Upon leaving and returning to her Peugeot 107 in the car park, she noticed a handwritten note on her windscreen advising her to check the air pressure in one of her tyres.

After seeing this note, Dawn took a look straight away and sorted it out. Relieved at someone looking out for her, she took to Facebook to post her thanks, reports North Wales Live.

“I took a look, straight away,” said Dawn, 37.

“It wasn’t completely flat but it was flat enough to think I may have a puncture, so I drove straight to a garage to put some more air in the tyre.”

As Dawn had the tyres checked a few days previously, she suspects her car may have suffered a slow puncture en route to Pizza Hut.

It left her relieved that someone had stepped in to prevent a potentially serious accident.

“To be honest, I don’t check the tyres all the time and I may not have noticed the problem for a couple of days,” she said.

“Who knows, I could have had a major blow-out on the way home, or got stranded in the middle of nowhere with the kids in the back.

“Whoever they were, they may have saved me from a serious accident or something.”

At the time, Dawn was driving home with son Kian, nine, and nephew Connor, eight, who had also dined at Pizza Hut.

Wanting to thank her Good Samaritan, but lacking the means to do it personally, she turned to Facebook to express her gratitude.

She said: “There’s a lot of good people out there. I’ve seen Facebook posts where people have found wallets and mobile phones, but never one for this kind of thing.

“So I just thought I’d write something, saying thank you, if by any chance they saw my message.

“I just wanted to show some positivity for a change.”

Responding to her post, another motorist said a similar thing happened to her last summer.

A mystery car angel left a similar note on her windscreen at Bellis Brothers farm shop in Holt, near Wrexham.

She said: “We were like a snail driving back to Wrexham, then went straight to get it fixed.

“Good job there are some good people out there.”

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