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Gunfire echoes across Kyiv as battle for capital edges closer – ‘Moving towards endgame’

Ukraine: Dashcam footage captures MLRS barrage

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Videos have been shared of the streets of Kyiv under siege, with Sky News reporter Stuart Ramsey saying there is a feeling “we are really moving towards the endgame”. The Ukrainian National Security and Defence Council have assured the situation is under their control and they are “stopping the horde” as much as they can.

Ukrainian news account @ukrpravda_news shared a message from National Security and Defence Council Secretary Danilov on Twitter.

It said: “We are stopping the horde as much as we can, the situation in Kyiv is under the control of the military armed forces of Ukraine and the citizens of Kyiv”.

Speaking on Sky News from Kyiv, Stuart Ramsey gave an insight into how the situation is developing in the city

He said: “It’s not just the explosions, I’m pretty certain I could hear gunfire as well.

“I know analysts on Sky News have been saying that Russia will have this by the end of the night.

“You can never be that accurate, but it certainly has that feel now, that they’re really near and some of the explosions have been very close to us here.”

He added that some of the gunfire had been outgoing from Ukrainian artillery positions, raising fears for the civilian population living nearby that they will be targeted.

He went on: “It’s a very tense evening, it’s been a very very tense day actually, massive change in 24 hours.

“People are really scared.”

President Zelenskyy posted a defiant message on social media vowing to defend Ukrainian independence.

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He has sworn to stay in Kyiv and fight on and has urged his people to take up arms against the Russians.

Many citizens have hunkered down and the streets are quiet aside from the fighting, according to BBC News.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has called on Ukrainian fighters to abandon their government, calling them “drug dealers and neo Nazis”.

Foreign Secretary Sergei Lavrov has said that Russia plans to demilitarise Ukraine.

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