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World’s strongest family unrecognisable with beefy powerlifting kids grown up

The world's strongest family who became known for their powerlifting in 2013 look completely different now – but have kept their strength up.

The Best family, who were dubbed the "strongest family in the world" back almost a decade ago, would spend 140 hours a week training and have managed to keep up the momentum nine years on.

The family have been completely transformed as the kids Dylan and Jessica are all grown up.

Dylan, now 21, was once a young boy who had viewers gawking at his strength.

But he has now grown up to be nearly as tall as his dad Nick, with even broader shoulders. He also has stubble and appears to still be in good shape.

His sister, Jessica is unrecognisable from the tiny girl with superhuman strength but has transformed into a doppelganger of her mother.

Like her brother, she doesn't seem to be intent on living a rigorous strongwoman lifestyle – however, their parents, Nick and Callie didn't give it up.

The pair regularly post impressive workout videos on their Instagram accounts.

Nick, who has a massive 374k followers on Instagram, recently showed that age is just a number recently performed 50 reps of 500lb deadlifts, broken down into 5 sets of 10.

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The 53-year-old previously competed in the famous World's Strongest Man competition, which is where he met his wife.

The kids also had hugely impressive strength with 11 year old Dylan able to lift over 130 pounds and five-year-old Jessica easily smashing one-handed push-ups.

However, not everyone agreed with their lifestyle as some claimed that children lifting heavy objects for hours can result in stunted growth – which doesn't seem to be the case with their most recent snaps.

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The news comes after the 'World's strongest boy' who could lift 300lbs aged just 14 was revealed to be unrecognisable today.

Jake Schellenschlager was given warnings by medical experts about the damage he could be doing to his body at such a young age but that hasn't stopped him and he's still in the gym every day.

The ambassador for WG Youth Fitness Ambassador, he infrequently updates his 3,000 Instagram followers on his progress.

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