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Swingers’ club bans unvaccinated from events like ‘Curvy Club’ and sex dungeon

A swingers' club has caused a stir by barring any customers who have not had a Covid vaccine from its events.

ClubF, in County Durham markets itself as “the best swingers club in the North East”, but it has decided to ban unvaccinated punters from entering its premises.

And it apparently did this on January 1.

A spokesman told Teeside Live: “We started enforcing it on January 1, and (there's been) no pushback.

“Everyone is very supportive and understands it is to protect them.

“As restrictions lift, we will be lifting our restrictions".

All Covid restrictions bar vaccine passports lifted today, but the venue hasn't confirmed an exact date for when it will allow non-vaccinated customers to return.

And it's not the first time the venue has been in the news.

In 2015, police were called to the swingers’ club after reports a child had entered.

But when officers swooped on ClubF they were left red-faced – after realising the ‘child’ was in fact just a really small swinger.

Durham Constabulary has been called to the Stanley venue almost 20 times between 2015 and 2018.

And on this occasion, officers left after staff confirmed the ‘child’ was actually just a “customer”.

The force was unable to confirm how short the person was but police logs state she was an “adult woman of shorter stature”.

The club, based inside a former pub, now the Spa Hotel, also boasts pole dancing facilities.

A manager claimed that the “short swinger” tip-off may have come from a neighbour.

But despite the venue’s raunchy reputation, the manager has previously insisted ClubF has been good for Stanley – despite previous concerns from families that it was “unsuitable”.

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