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Putin’s next move sparks horror as Xi BACKS Russia against West: ‘About to get much worse’

Ukraine: Putin's actions amount to ‘renewed invasion’ says PM

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On Monday, Mr Putin announced the Kremlin would recognise the breakaway regions of Ukraine as independent states, offering a pretext to send in Russian soldiers. The Russian President then reportedly issued an order for Russian troops to move into the two separatist regions of Eastern Ukraine, Donetsk and Luhansk, however, there has not yet been official confirmation that this has taken place.

A day later, US President Joe Biden warned that it appeared the Russian leader was preparing for war, as signs emerged in Ukraine and Moscow suggesting the situation is about to deteriorate further.

Mr Biden said in a statement: “We still believe that Russia is poised to go much further in launching a massive military attack against Ukraine.”

Reporting on the news, Politico claims matters will “get worse” as military forces were granted approval to be used outside of Russian territory.

Politico reports: “All the signs from Putin … are that it’s about to get worse.”

The outlet makes reference to the approval of lawmakers gained by the Russian chief to use military forces outside Russia.

Politico adds: “He also made clear the Minsk agreement ‘does not exist’ anymore, and confirmed that he was recognizing the independence of the separatist areas still controlled by Kyiv.”

The outlet claims that such a move could see Russian troops claim the territory using force, with catastrophic repercussions.

It reports: “The significance of this is that he could deploy Russian troops to take that territory by force in what would likely amount to a full-scale war.

“Foreign Policy reports that Russia has made a new deployment of more than 100 vehicles under 25 miles from the Ukrainian border with Belarus.

“Russia also ordered its diplomats to evacuate Ukraine.”

And those signals may already be materialising after China Spokesman Hua Chunying told reporters that Beijing opposed the move from the West.

He added that China had hoped Russia and the West can try to resolve their issues through dialogue and remain calm and exercise restraint.

Ryan Hass, a foreign policy expert commented: “The China-Russia relationship is unnaturally close by historical standards.

“Shared resentments of the West pull Putin and Xi together, and shared interests push the China-Russia relationship forward.”


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Despite this, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss has said there is not yet “full evidence” that Russian troops have incurred on Ukraine.

When asked whether deployments in the region had taken place following Mr Putin’s orders, she told LBC radio: “We do not have verified evidence that that has taken place yet.”

Meanwhile, in Kyiv, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy called up military reservists and said Ukraine would not cede any territory to Russia.

Despite this, concerns are mounting that in the coming days the situation between the two regions will worsen.

If Mr Putin’s actions were to stop here, it is possible that the Ukraine crisis could be contained as the Russian President could deescalate the situation and desist from a full invasion of the entire country.

However, following Monday’s statement from the leader and the reported presence of up to 190,000 Russian troops on Ukraine’s borders, in addition to the assessments of US leaders and intelligence officials, there is speculation that there won’t simply be limited conflict.

In response to the situation, former foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt said the Government needs to take action that Russian President Vladimir Putin is “not expecting”.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme, he said: “We do need to go further, and I suspect the Government wanted to. They’ve been pretty robust in what they’ve said but it’s very important to go in lockstep with our allies in a situation like this.

“But what we have to remember is that Putin has both predicted these sanctions, and indeed further sanctions, and discounted them.

“If we are going to avoid being two steps behind in the diplomatic chess game, we have to do some things that he’s not expecting.”

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