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Fears over ‘zombie attacker’ after naked man mauls victim and drinks his blood

A village in the Philippines has been terrorised by a naked "zombie man" who has been running around biting people and drinking their blood.

Police in the village of Tungan-tungan were forced to debunk rumours of a “zombie attack” after a 30-year-old man was mauled by a strange young attacker.

Videos of a naked man biting and clawing at the man had been shared widely on social media with many believing that the attack was otherworldly.

The victim suffered grievous injuries including being bitten, having his blood sucked, and having his eyes gouged.

The 25-year-old perpetrator was arrested after the incident as he ran naked from the scene of the attack.

The ‘zombie’ attack occurred in the middle of the night after the victim had left his home to investigate a disturbance, reports Coconuts.

Police believe that the assault was triggered by a domestic fight between the suspect and his partner earlier in the day.

Amazingly despite his deranged behaviour, the suspect, who has a history of drug abuse, insisted he was only drunk at the time of his bloody rampage.

Police eventually arrested the suspect and detained him at the Valencia City police station.

It's sadly not the first time people have seen Zombie apocalypses where there aren't any.

A Google Maps fan page on TikTok claims to have found the beginning of a zombie apocalypse inside a derelict building.

The account known as @googlemapsfun received over 20k likes on their video captioned "zombie attack???" where they zoom in on the building in Liverpool to show an aerial shot of a crumbling structure.

But when the user switches to Street View, Google's yellow man icon takes TikTok users inside the building where the walls are sprayed with the words 'Zombies are coming' and several bloodied men in ragged clothing who look like they've 'turned.'

Some fans were left shaking in their shoes at the sight as some users were concerned for the wellbeing of the camera operator.

One user said: "Doesn’t mean everyone died in that place right?"

Another wrote: "Google photographer going too far."

A third added: "OMG what happened?"

It's most likely a set up for a fun experience on Google Street View.

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