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York locals demand to cut ties with Andrew and suggest Harry’s made Duke instead

Prince Andrew, who was given the title Duke of York to mark his wedding to Sarah Ferguson in 1986, may have to give up his dukedom if some people in York get their way.

Her Majesty the the Queen has already stripped her favourite son of his military titles following a call from more than 150 military veterans.

He has also reportedly given up the right to style himself “His Royal Highness”.

But the consequences of his civil court case with Virgina Giuffre, who alleges she was made to have sex with Andrew when she was 17, are still unfolding.

The latest blow for the beleaguered Prince, who has consistently denied all of Ms Giuffre's allegations, is a call from people of York to cut ties with him.

York Central MP Rachel Maskell is just one local who has called for Prince Andrew to be disassociated from the city.

She said: “Although it is a relief that Prince Andrew has finally acknowledged and expressed regret for his close association with a convicted sex offender and sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, his long delay in doing so and initial response to the charges and Ms Giuffre have been source of deep hurt and embarrassment to many people across the city.

“Carrying a title does create an ambassadorial relationship with that place, and for somewhere with a global reputation, such as York, this is extremely important”.

Phil Pinder, who runs a business in the city, told York Press: 'York deserves better.

"He has been stripped of his royal duties; he has done a settlement out of court ending the prospect of any kind of legal clearing of his name so the only option is for him to permanently step down as the Duke of York as well.'

Asked whether another royal should step in to replace him, Pinder playfully responded: “Shall we be controversial and ask for Harry?”

Andrew denied all accusations against him and told the BBC in 20202 he doesn't recall ever meeting Ms Giuffre, who had been sex-trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein, his close pal and a convicted sex offender.

The statement to the court about the settlement of her civil claim against Andrew contained no admission of liability by him.

The exact size of the settlement between Andrew and Ms Guiffre is thought to be in the region of £12million, with at least £2million of it being earmarked for SOAR, the charity she founded to help victims of sexual exploitation.

It remains unclear how Andrew will have financed the deal.

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