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Woman stomped on teen’s testicles and made him strip clothes over £53 drug debt

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A woman who "stomped" on a teenager's testicles, shoved wet socks in his mouth and threatened him for "ripping off" her mate after a mismanaged drug deal has avoided jail.

Lauren Sommer, 24, was charged with kidnapping and intentionally causing injury after an attack on a teenager following a botched drug deal in Australia.

The court heard that Sommer's co-accused, Steven Garratt, 31, loaned out a bicycle to 19-year-old Brody Mitchell and gave him $100 (£53) in cash to buy methamphetamine.

While Mitchell purchased the illegal substance, the bike was stolen by an unknown person, prompting the teen to panic and take the drugs himself, court documents show.

Garratt, angered when Mitchell failed to return with the drugs, enlisted the help of his neighbour, Sommer, and another man identified as Billy Collison, 23.

In a message to Collison, Garratt said: "He's (Mitchell) taken f***ing ages not answering my f***ing calls. I wanna tear his f***ing throat out now."

Sommer drove the pair around for several hours while they searched for Mitchell, who they eventually found and dragged into the back of the car while threatening him with a knife.

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The trio then drove Mitchell to the Warby Ranges National Park in Victoria, Australia, where they made him strip, shoved wet socks in his mouth and threatened to kill him.

They then forced him back into the car, bringing Mitchell back to Sommer's home in Wangaratta where the teenager was held for three hours, repeatedly assaulted and interrogated about the missing bicycle.

The court heard that Mitchell begged to be released and that whenever Mitchell cried he was told to "shut the f*** up" and was given two glasses of water and a cup of milk, reports.

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Sommer, who was convicted of on both charges, then burned the teen with a lighter before spreading his legs and stomping on his testicles, reportedly saying: "That's for ripping off Steve, he's like a brother to me."

County Court Judge Mark Dean said Sommer's prospects of rehabilitation would be served better with an 18-month community corrections order.

Garratt received a year behind bars and must now complete an 18-month community corrections order, while Collison was sentenced to three years in jail, with no parole for the first 18 months.

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