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Serial killer who bragged about 71 victims was ‘sexually attracted to his mum’

America's 'deadliest convicted serial killer' Gary Ridgway reportedly hated and was sexually attracted to his own mother as a child.

The evil murderer, 73, is currently serving life without parole at the Washington State Penitentiary for a gruesome murder spree in Seattle, Washington that he committed during the 1980s.

In 2001, he was arrested for the crimes and eventually pleaded guilty to killing 48 women in 2003, but later bragged that the true number was closer to 71.

In another disgusting show of his remorselessness, the vile monster even claimed he had sex with his victims before he killed them.

Ridgeway's violent perversions began in his early years during his traumatic childhood with his father.

A bus driver by trade, he told his son about the darker aspects of life and warned him to stay away from 'whores'.

Chillingly, Ridgeway would later tell prosecutors that he both hated and was sexually attracted to his mother throughout his life.

The backdrop of this problematic childhood proved instrumental in turning Ridgeway into the man who would go on to kill at least 48 women, with the youngest being just 14-years-old.

Wendy Stephens' remains were identified last year through genealogy after they were found near a baseball field in Seattle in March 1984 by the groundskeeper’s dog.

The dog had discovered a leg bone and brought it back to his owner who alerted police.

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After he was caught, Ridgway entered a guilty plea to 48 charges of aggravated first degree murder as part of a plea bargain in a bid to spare himself from the death penalty.

In his confession, he made no apology for his barbaric actions and acknowledged that he targeted prostitutes because they were "easy to pick up" and that he "hated most of them."

He later said murdering young women was his "career."

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