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Woman’s throat slit ‘by homeless man she let into her home to use shower’

A homeless man has been arrested after he allegedly slashed the throat of a woman who had invited him in to use her shower.

The horrendous incident took place in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Eric Jones, 30, allegedly attacked the unnamed woman, who told police that she let him in so that he should shower as she thought he was “homeless”.

She is now in intensive care after being found bleeding heavily from her neck on Sunday.

Local police said: “During the investigation, the victim told SLCPD she let the suspect inside her residence so he could shower.

‘The woman described the suspect as being homeless.”

Detective Michelle Mechling added: “Know who you’re letting into your house and don’t let people you don’t know into your house.”

Just 24 hours before, Salt Lake City Police were dealing with another incident, this time involving a University of Utah student who died during an apparent suicide pact.

China-native Zhifan Dong, 19, was found in a local hotel by police.

She was unresponsive after injecting a drug into herself, which was purchased by her boyfriend off the dark web.

It later emerged that the drug was heroin and fentanyl.

Boyfriend Haoyu Wang, 26, was arrested by police yesterday, although formal criminal charges have not yet been filed.

University president Taylor Randall said: “I want to express my deepest sympathy to Zhifan's family, friends and loved ones.

"Zhifan's family will travel to Salt Lake City in the coming days and at that time we will consult with them as to the most appropriate way to remember and honour Zhifan.

“We extend our support during this difficult time to all of our international students, particularly her peers in the Utah Global program.”

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