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Currys worker’s ‘intrusive’ message mishap leaves customer ‘p****** themselves’

A Currys customer was taken aback when a web operator made an unfortunate error when responding to a complaint.

Thee customer was using the web chat option and asked the customer representative, named Tuushar, how to file a complaint.

Tuushar responded: "I am sorry for the incontinence, can you tell what happened?"

"Currys customer service are very thoughtful, albeit.. intrusive," the person wrote on Reddit, with a screen grab of the conversation.

The customer revealed that they had an issue with a Currys voucher.

He said: "Basically kicked up a fuss because their '£50 off PCs' voucher was hidden before checkout. Dropped £1.4k on a PC so I wanted me bloody offer!"

The disgruntled customer said he had spoken to four agents about his issue.

"Then I got a call about a week later from a manager and a letter of apology. I'm gonna make a hobby of it," he added.

"You must have p***** yourself," someone jested in response.

Another person pointed out: "It's an easy mistake to make. He meant to write 'sorry for the incompetence'."

In January, a bloke took revenge on a weirdo Currys driver who tried to pull his pregnant fiancee after dropping off their washing machine – by posing as her to lead the delivery man on.

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Kacey Wheeler, 21, says the driver “couldn't stop staring at her” when he and a workmate dropped off the washer and dryer at her Bradford home.

After he left, she called boyfriend Ryan Sagar to joke that the man – known only as “Jordan” – was “in love with her”, but they were shocked when the driver texted who he thought was Kacey her less than 20 minutes later.

Ryan, 22, then posed as Kacey and began a six-hour text exchange then went viral on Facebook.

Currys has been contacted for comment on the incontinence matter.

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