Boris to hold emergency Cobra meeting TODAY as Putin on brink of major climbdown

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The Prime Minister will gather with senior staff to be given an update on the latest situation.

For weeks Western leaders have been bracing for the outbreak of war in Eastern Europe, with President Vladimir Putin surrounding 130,000 troops around Ukraine.

Intelligence sources indicated Moscow was preparing to pounce as soon as tomorrow, launching a full-scale assault on its neighbour and taking control of the former soviet territory.

However, this morning Russia unexpectedly moved some troops away from the border and back to their military bases.

The retreat by President Putin has raised hopes the break out of conflict could yet be avoided.

Video footage from Russia’s defence ministry showed some tanks and other armoured vehicles being loaded onto railway flatcars, while troops marched back to barracks.

Despite the start of an apparent pullback, thousands of troops still remain stationed at the border.

More to follow…

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