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Google Maps shows off North Korea’s mansions and yachts for mysterious elite

North Korea's elite citizens have had their life of luxury revealed after Google Maps satellite images revealed the locations and homes of Kim Jong-un's close allies.

The average wage in North Korea is just £1,200 a year with the super-rich allegedly hoarding fancy Western items in the secretive communist dictatorship.

As well as the piles of cash, the mega-rich residents are said to own designer clothes, expensive European cars and top of the range Cognac.

Images from Google Maps show large mansions, leafy gated compounds and a beach resort, apparently named 'Hermit Kingdom'.

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un allegedly has a secret compound residence near the North Korean coast in the port city of Wonsan.

It was reported that Jong-un had built the secluded villa in 2020 at the southern tip of the Hodo peninsula, where Google Maps showed his £5.2million Princess yacht moored up in 2013.

Speaking to The Sun, a US-based expert on North Korea, Michael Madden, said: "This is the same residential compound that Dennis Rodman visited during one of his visits to the country.

"Some sources claim that the Wonsan compound is Kim Jong-un's primary residence.

"That is to say, he has an official residence in Pyongyang (North Korea's capital city), but spends much of his time in the Wonsan residence."

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The non-resident fellow at the Stimson Centre previously compared the Wonsan residence to Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago property in Florida, calling it "one of his favourite houses".

Reuters previously reported that the city is dotted with guest villas, with many of the country's wealthiest residents living in the capital Pyongyang.

Madden said: "North Korean elites have a few residences in the capital Pyongyang, particularly along Changkwang Street and Taebodong.

"Wealthy North Koreans generally hide their money in their homes."

Jong-un is alleged to have up to 13 separate compounds dotted around the country where he can live, but reports suggest that only half are used regularly.

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