Scots fury explodes at SNP power grab plot to make lockdown laws ‘never ending’

Nicola Sturgeon loses it in BBC interview after interruption

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Scottish voters and industry officials have questioned why emergency and temporary powers introduced in response to the Covid pandemic could be made permanent, despite the waning of the virus. Close to 3,000 responses were submitted to a consultation on Covid recovery, published at the end of last month on the Scottish Government’s own website.

This comes after the SNP extended powers by six months.

With these powers in their hands, ministers could order lockdowns and close schools until at least the end of September.

Members of the public blasted the continuation of “authoritarian” powers, with some suggesting they no were no longer related to the pandemic.

One individual wrote: “I believe this is a blatant abuse of power and must be resisted at every level of society.”

Another said: “This has nothing to do with public health.

“It is about control, avoiding scrutiny in parliament and ruling by decree.”

They added: “It is authoritarian.”

Officials in numerous fields also told Ms Sturgeon life must return to normal, and soon.

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On the extension of virtual court and tribunal hearings, the Faculty of Advocates said plans “should [not] be made permanent”, nor should they be considered the “default position”.

It added: “Any hearing which has a bearing upon the accused’s trial ought to be conducted in circumstances where he/she has a right to attend in person.”

And on the Government keeping hold of the power to force educational institutions to close, Universities Scotland, quoted in the Scotland Mail, said plans were “unnecessary and inoperable”.

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One student added: “A higher education institution cannot ‘close’.

“Students rely on institutions being able to asses their achievements and award degrees.”

The consultation response from one individual appeared to sum up the mood of many in Scotland: “We need to move on in life and return to a normal way of life before even that is forgotten.”

The consultation paper diplomatically concluded: “The key message from consultation respondents was that decisions to extend the temporary measures should be made with careful consideration.

“Doing so will ensure that Scotland moves towards a fair, safe and secure recovery from the pandemic.”

Responding to the widespread criticism, an SNP Government spokesperson, quoted in the Scottish Mail, said: “The proposed public health protection measures bring Scotland into line with England and Wales.”

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