’48 attempts to block Brexit’ Starmer savaged over ‘backdoor plot’ to take UK back into EU

Boris Johnson savages Keir Starmer over 'Labournomics'

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Before becoming Labour leader in April 2020 Sir Keir Starmer, who repeatedly campaigned for a second referendum on EU membership, is reported to have attempted to block Brexit at least 48 times. Sir Keir has since dramatically backtracked, insisting it is his desire to “make Brexit work” – but this stance has been called out as a bluff to disguise his true intention of one day getting the UK to rejoin the European Union. He told The Guardian in January: “Look, we’ve left the EU. There’s no case for rejoining, so we have to make it work.

“We are out and we’re staying out.”

When pressed on whether this ruled out the UK returning to the Single Market or Customs Union, he replied: “Yes, it does.”

But while former MEP Ben Habib agreed this is the correct approach to take, he is not convinced Sir Keir will want to keep the UK distanced from the EU.

The Brexit Watch Chairman pointed to a “backdoor” plan being secretly employed to keep Britain close – and pulling it closer to – the EU.

Now Express.co.uk readers have laid into the claims from Sir Keir, bringing up the reported 48 times he tried to block Brexit from happening.

Express reader Einear said: “Did Starmer say that after or before he made no less than 48 attempts to block Brexit (democracy) and force a second referendum?”

“Kentish man” said: “Of course he will try and take us back he voted 48 times to stop it, and he will try any excuse.

“Labour are not interested in what we voted for.”

Express reader “polandleavestheeu” commented: “You’re telling me Labour are in a mess over Brexit, but they are in a mess about everything.

“Labour itself is a mess, totally unfit to govern and totally unelectable.”

Brexiteer Mr Habib claimed Labour is “still in a mess about Brexit” but warned even though Labour is not in power, Sir Keir will act to make rejoin more viable in the future.

Mr Habib said aligning Britain to the EU in the hope he can one day force it back in was “precisely Sir Keir’s strategy”.

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He told Express.co.uk: “Sir Keir Starmer suggested that if he wins the next election we will align ourselves more closely with EU regulation as opposed to taking us back in.

“This is their backdoor way to staying close to the EU and being ready to jump back in the opportunity arises.

“He will stymie ‘Global Britain’ and put impediments in the way of us chartering an independent course because he would want us to rejoin.”

Labour MP Graham Stringer even admitted to Express.co.uk there was “no appetite at all” among the voting public for the UK to rejoin the EU.

He claimed “Sir Keir has learnt his lesson – we just need to make Brexit work”, while acknowledging the level of support for rejoin within the parliamentary Labour Party as “negligible”.

But Mr Stringer stopped short of saying there was “no support”

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