‘This is not a party!’ Ferrari rages at leaked Downing Street quiz photo ‘God save me!’

Nick Ferrari reacts to latest Christmas party photo of Johnson

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Nick Ferrari analysed the latest leaked Downing Street photo published by the Daily Mirror which showed an open bottle of bubbly with an aide wearing tinsel around his neck during a quiz event held on December 15, 2020. But while Mr Ferrari agreed the photo showed the Prime Minister was involved in the gatherings he has not convinced the outrage against the parties were warranted. He argued the fairly muted scenes were not as bad as many people have made out and called the people in the image “glum” and said it was “not a party”.

Mr Ferrari discussed the story on his breakfast show and was not convinced the Downing Street parties were as scandalous as people were making out.

He said: “This picture, right, has the Prime Minister appearing to loosen his tie, a half full or half empty bottle of Prosecco, a bottle of handwash and one man with one string of tinsel around his neck.

“This isn’t exactly a Berlusconi party, is it?

“This is the sort of gathering that you have to endure just after you’ve had a row with the missus and there’s a dinner party at your in-laws.

“That is how it is, everybody looks particularly glum, nobody looks happy.

“This is not a party, but those who think is such as that Labour MP, please god spare me from anything at your house.

“Now, does it speak to the Prime Minister’s involvement, yes.

“Is this some kind of bacchanalian orgy? As someone once famously said, ‘donnez-moi un break’, give me a break because it’s not.”

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However, some people did not agree with Mr Ferrari’s view and believed he was missing the point of the picture.

@Chris2400 wrote: “It’s an illegal gathering of two of more people.”

Columnist Donnachadh McCarthy added: “Ah, so now its not whether the PM broke the law at a party but if he did so at a Bacchanalian orgy? Got it!

“Lovely raising of the bar there Nick.”

After the image was published, former Downing Street advisor Dominic Cummings tweeted there were better photos than the one which was leaked.

The Metropolitan Police are currently investigating the Downing Street gatherings during lockdown after they were reportedly handed 300 photos from the Sue Gray report into the matter.

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The Daily Mirror also reports that police have an image of Mr Johnson holding a beer at a birthday party with Chancellor Rishi Sunak also in attendance holding a soft drink.

Downing Street refused to comment on the matter but has previously said: “It is right the Met should be now given the time and space to undertake their investigations.

“It will provide the public with welcome clarity and help draw a line under these events and everyone required will fully co-operate in any way they are asked.”

Mr Johnson is facing increasing calls to either apologise or resign following the Downing Street gatherings as several Tory MPs have claimed they have submitted letters of no confidence to the 1922 Committee.

While the official figure is only known to Sir Graham Brady who chairs the committee, MPs such as Tobias Ellwood, Douglas Ross, Aaron Bell and several others have publically said they have submitted letters.

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