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Low-key terraced house ‘horrifies’ internet with ‘glass ensuite’ inside bedroom

A house that's gone up for sale has a rather unique feature in the master bedroom that's caused a stir amongst house hunters.

Those that came across a three-bedroom home on Bishop Bridge Road in Norwich, Norfolk, were "horrified" by the lack of privacy the main ensuite bathroom offers as it has glass walls.

The bathroom's shower and toilet are on full display to the rest of the bedroom, according to the Rightmove listing.

The advert for the terraced house, which is perfectly unassuming from the outside, was uploaded to Rightmove a week ago and it could be yours for £425,000.

Estate agents Sefftons listed the 'glass ensuite' as one of the key features that has been "lovingly updated and reworked to a high specification and finish" to bring "wow after wow" to the property.

They explain that the unusual layout is "designed to immerse you in the fantastic views", as the master suite overlooks the River Wensum at the rear of the home.

But people online seemed rather unsure about having a "room with a loo", with one even joking that it would give them "loo anxiety".

Sarah Weatherley, 50, said: "I have been looking quite intensively on Rightmove recently because I'm looking to move to be with my partner.

"As my partner and I aren't particularly tied to one area, I've been comparing what you can get for the same money in various areas.

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"This house is on for about £425,000 and is in Norwich. The house itself looks like it's in a stunning location with lovely views so I clicked on it.

"The ensuite was something of a surprise – I did a double-take and had to zoom in for another look.

"I'm not sure I'd want to live with that bathroom – and my partner was pretty weirded out by it too.

"The house is lovely but we'd have to do something about those glass walls – maybe make the glass more opaque."

After spotting the listing, Sarah tweeted: "Today on Rightmove: Impress/horrify guests with a glass-walled khazi."

One user replied: "I'm hoping against hope that it's the sort of glass that magically goes frosted at the flick of a switch."

Another wrote: "I still wouldn't trust it. Like those 'automatic' locks on train toilets – gives me loo anxiety."

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